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Having a great web design for architects & architect firms is crucial. Architects understand the importance of design, but great design can only go so far. A website only works as well as it functions. Much like an architect designs quality living and workspaces, Ezra Digital designs the best architecture firm websites.

Gone are the days of flash websites, endless scrolling, and image-only pages. The best architecture firm websites boast clean layouts, cohesive color schemes, and increased functionality for potential clients. When we do architectural website design, we consider all that and more. Your architecture firm needs a website that mirrors your success and boosts your brand credibility.

Let’s dig into why a great website design is so crucial for the best architecture firm websites. And, while we’re at it, we’ll discuss what a great web design for architects can do for your business.

The Importance of a Great Website

Take a look around you. Great architecture stands the test of time. When we start a architecture website design project, we share past experience, current trends, and we offer insight into the future. Your website is your first impression. If your site lacks functionality, clients will likely leave your site and go elsewhere. Our goal is the same as yours. We offer your clients good quality at face value, and we invite them in for more information.

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Customized to Meet Your Needs

The best architecture firm websites all have one thing in common. They create a path of communication between your business and the client from the moment they hit the page. By customizing your website to match your business, we create a calm, clear avenue for business. Your work speaks for itself. We use your work and mirror it with good graphics, formatting, and a clean layout. All of this increases user experience, simplifies site navigation, and strengthens readability. In return, this speaks volumes about your professionalism.

Elements of the Best Architecture Firm Websites

In our business, we’ve learned that architecture website design requires a few main elements. Much like an architecture project, you need a strong foundation. We build your website from the ground up, starting with the basics.


Because your website is the heart of your marketing plan, we develop your brand image. By balancing content with imagery, navigation with formatting, we give visitors a reason to return. Essentially, your website should include the following:

Content Management System

Each architecture website design Ezra Digital creates uses a content management system to update going forward. Sites that lack a good content management system can be tricky to update over time. We want to give you the tools you need to maintain this refined and professional image over time.

Layout & Formatting

A poor web design layout will actually deter visitors. Polished and modern architecture website design does the opposite. By offering a great design and information with ease, visitors will stay a while. And, the more they read, the more they want to explore. As they continue to browse, it increases the chances you’ll experience repeat site visitors.

Great Graphics

Architects work hard to win their bids. And, as such, it’s natural to want to share your projects. The best architecture firm websites are about balance. You want to showcase your work, but you also need it to be about potential clients. When you boil it down, your website should speak to them and why they should entrust their project to you. We find that balance, and we marry great graphics with the information clients want.

Easy Navigation

Nobody wants to go to a website, scroll through endless pages, and bounce empty-handed. Clients want to visit your architecture website and find the information they need quickly. We offer you exactly that. When developing a web design for architects, we create a pathway for information to flow easily. Your site map will offer potential clients a simpler way to get what they want.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Ezra Digital also offers a wide range of customizable digital marketing services. These services include SEO, SEM, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, determines how visible your website is to the search engines. The best architecture websites will rank high for relevant keywords with the proper optimizations. Those who don’t use SEO or implement a digital marketing strategy, won’t.

Ezra Digital knows that a strong web design for architects heavily impacts your digital marketing & SEO value. Because of this, we work to build sites that communicate only the best information to the search engines. The bottom line is that good SEO and other digital marketing services for architect firms requires an expert eye, which Ezra Digital Offers.

Explore Our Web Design for Architects

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Winn Wittman Architecture

Winn Wittman Architecture (WWA) offered Ezra Digital unique challenges and opportunities. Winn Wittman is an international-renowned architect, but he came to us with two big problems. He wasn’t getting an real leads per month through his website, and his website didn’t reflect his expertise or quality of work. Mr. Wittman did not want to have to chase sales, and he needed a website that performed as a quality lead engine. We worked with WWA to delve into the heart of the business and translate it into a clean, stunning website that spoke to the needs of potential clients. Most of all, we created an avenue to convert leads into high-quality clients.

IKM Incorporated

IKM provides architecture, planning, and interior design services for institutional clients. And, here’s the kicker - they’ve been doing so for more than 100 years. Their web presence didn’t showcase their longevity or innovation in the business though. We made it our goal to bring their established brand into the 21st century with a clean aesthetic that mirrored their internal rebrand. Furthermore, we followed clean lines and used the same visual interest that architects do to chisel out their web space and bring their brand forward. Above all else, we transformed their dated look into something that reflects their award-winning business for leads.

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Interested in Learning More

We know the path to a great website can be daunting, but we’re here to help. Our team of experts stands with you every step of the way. From crafting great content, to choosing the right images and optimizing your SEO or expanding into our other digital marketing services, we partner with you from start to finish.

Ezra Digital is proud to create some of the best architecture firm websites, and we’re excited to help you.

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