I found developers who were good at the back-end organization of the website but had no artistic vision or vice-versa. Ezra Digital has that rare combination of technical mastery and artistic sensibility.

Winn Wittman Architecture

CEO and Founder

It takes a complex mind to craft a complex website, yet make it user-friendly, engaging, clean and simple. This is digital artistry at its best, a deeper deliverable, and Ezra Digital does it well.

Signals Matter

Co-Founder of Signals Matter

With top-notch strategy, communication, and design, Ezra Digital has been incredibly valuable to The Scoring Factory. I would recommend them to any business looking to supercharge their digital presence.

The Scoring Factory


As a small nonprofit organization, we need to make every dollar count. Ezra Digital not only supports our mission, but maximizes the effectiveness of our digital marketing while being reachable, patient and professional.

LEAD Pittsburgh

Executive Director