July 15, 2016

4 Steps On How To Create An About Page

If you’re starting a website or making some changes, you will need to know how to create an about page. No matter what industry your business is in or what type of website you have, your “About” page will always be one of the most popular pages on your site. It’s your opportunity to tell your story, humanize your business, and build trust with your visitors. It should be short (1 – 4 paragraphs), confident, and jargon-free. Most of all, it should be true to your brand. How do you go about writing an About page description? Follow the four steps below to get started.


Step 1: Know Your Audience

Before you write any copy on your website you should have a clear sense of who you’re writing for, and that goes doubly for your About page. What tone will resonate most with your readers? Something very professional and in the third person, or something more humorous in first person? Will they want to read a 1000 word history of your business, or do they simply want a 1 paragraph snapshot? Do they simply need a quick reassurance of your credibility, or do they need a full explanation of who you are and what you do? Thinking through your audience’s expectations and preferences will make writing your About page copy exponentially easier.


Step 2: Start with a Clear Value Statement

With your competition just a click away, it’s vital that your first sentence grabs your visitors attention and holds it. As Joanna Wiebe of Copyblogger points out, your About page isn’t actually about you, it’s about the person who clicks the link to see it. For that reason, you want to begin with a value statement that conveys what kind of benefit a visitor could gain by working with you.


Step 3: Answer Four Key Questions

After you engage your visitor by making clear how you can help them, you’ll want to answer four key questions:

  1. Who are you
  2. What do you do
  3. When did you start doing it
  4. Where you are

Although the answers are likely to be straightforward, the trick is putting them together into a compelling story. You can use tried-and-tested About page narratives like “We started small at X and have grown to Y” or something more unique, like this timeline from Moz. Whatever narrative structure you choose, be sure to also sprinkle in a few credibility building statements so that your visitors know why they should trust you.

To read more on how to create an About page that converts prospects to customers, visit us here.

Step 4: End with a Call to Action

As with every page on your website, there should be an action that you’d like your visitor to take after they read your About description. Whether that’s viewing your portfolio, reading more about your process, or actually sending an email, you should include a call to action at the end of your About page description. Something organic and short like “Want to hear more about how we could help you? Shoot us an email over on our Contact page” will work just fine.


Our Conclusion on How to Create an About Page

And there you have it, four steps on how create an About page. If you’re still not sure what to write, or just want feedback on what you’ve already written, shoot us an email and we’ll take a look.

To learn more on how to create an About page, contact Ezra Digital today!

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