Launch A New Service Successfully And Profitably With Target Marketing

Worried that your new service will flop and you won’t make any sales?

Target Marketing to Make Sales

You’ve done your research and developed a valuable new product or service. Congratulations! But now you need to market it to the right prospects in the right channel and start making sales. Every day brilliant product ideas fail because of bad marketing. Let us lend our years of experience to help you avoid the ruinous (and surprisingly common) mistakes that many businesses make when they launch new services. Target marketing is crucial to the success of any business both on and off line

New products are only successful when they’re marketed to people who need them, who can afford them, and who consume information on the channel where you’re advertising. Using data-driven insights, we’ll help you identify where your customers consume content online, and then create a digital marketing strategy and sales funnel that effortlessly gets sales and grows your bottom line.

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Digital Strategy

Picking a marketing channel and hoping for the best is just asking for a failed launch. We don’t cross our fingers and hope for the best. We use data and years of experience to identify who your ideal customers are, and craft a strategy to make your service irresistible to your target market.


Facebook Advertising

A properly placed Facebook ad can bring in massive sales. But Facebook is constantly changing, and it’s easy to spend too much for little to no results. We’ll demystify the process and design high-converting ads for you.


A/B Testing

Test everything! It’s the mantra of successful digital marketers, and that’s exactly what we will do for you. Designing high-converting landing pages and sales funnels is both art and science. We use data-driven insights to test version after version until we can provide you with a finished product that relentlessly drives sales.


Email Automation

How many emails should be in your funnel? When do you go for the sale? How long should each email be? Should you use images or not? We take the guessing game out of creating high-converting email funnels.


Landing Page Design

A good copywriter with digital marketing expertise can be the difference between thousands of dollars in sales and a total flop. We design landing pages that speak directly to your prospects’ needs, quickly get them into a sales funnel, and grow your bottom line.


Analytics Reporting

Focus on the metrics that matter: the ones that help you get more sales and reach your business goals. We’ll use data to help you stop spending on marketing strategies that aren’t working, and start focusing on strategies that grow your bottom line.


What Our Clients Say

We think we do great work, but we're a bit biased. Thankfully, our clients agree.

“They not only delivered a stunning, responsive website for IKM, but also made the entire process an enjoyable, stress free experience.”



Patty Swisher
VP Corporate

“Kash from Ezra Digital delivers an exceptional value for the design and build of a professional looking website with his unique approach.”


Tom Johnson

Technology Executive,
Author, Blogger and
Business Owner

“Having worked with large and small web design companies in the past, my experience with Ezra Digital raised the bar in terms of what to look for.”


Immersion School

Naman Kothari
Marketing Manager

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