February 6, 2017

Demystifying Digital Marketing Jargon

As a digital marketing agency living and breathing digital marketing communications, we make sure everyone involved in a web design project is on the same wavelength and singing from the same hymn sheet; ranging from project manager, developers, and most importantly our clients. We aim to ensure that nobody involved with the web design project is stuck on digital marketing jargon. We do this by simplifying the digital marketing jargon that surrounds these types of projects.

Digital marketing communications plays a key role in successful long term projects and we go out of our way to help our clients understand the lingo that gets used. We’re not fans of digital marketing jargon and we feel some demystifying is needed so we created this little glossary of commonly used digital marketing jargon and web design terms to make things a bit clearer.

Above-the-Fold A holdover from the days of newspaper, this refers to content visible to the visitor immediately upon opening the webpage Back-End The hidden part of a website view-able only to you. Allows for complete control of the website
Body The area between the header and the footer. Usually houses the primary content of the page Browser The application through which you view the internet (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc)
Build Phase The second phase after a contract is signed, during which Ezra builds the initial draft of the website and you gather content Content The actual words and images that will go on the final website
Content Management System (CMS) The back-end tool which allows you to manage your website’s content Discover Phase The first phase after the contract is signed, during which we will work together to determine what your goals are and how to best achieve them
Domain Name The name/URL a user inputs to see a website (“http://ezradigital.com”) Footer The bottom-most area of a website. Usually includes “widgets” and a copyright message
Front-End The part of the website an end user sees. This is usually all that people think of when they think of a “website” Header The topmost area of a website. Usually contains the logo and the navigation menu
Landing Page Oftentimes, a special landing page is created to elicit a specific action from the new visitor (usually in connection with an advertising or marketing campaign). Launch Phase The final phase, during which we’ll conduct training and make sure you know how to control your website
Navigation/Menu The set of links, usually in the header, which allow visitors to navigate through the site Responsive Design A term describing a website which automatically resizes depending on the size of the browser window, whether it be on mobile, tablet, or laptop screens of various sizes
Revise Phase The 3rd phase of a project, during which we work together to finalize the details of the site. Ezra also conducts user testing during this phase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) A set of strategies used to increase a site’s positioning or ranking in a search engine
Sidebar An area on the side of some pages of a website which houses “widgets” Site Map The “map” of all the pages of a website and how they relate to each other. Usually displayed in the form of a hierarchy
Web Hosting The physical server space required to house the files of code which constitute a website. The quality of this hosting affects the speed of the website Widget A small bit of functionality that goes on a footer or sidebar

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