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Winn Wittman is an internationally renowned architect who designs award-winning, contemporary homes in Texas. But Winn came to us with two big problems:

  1. He was barely getting one lead per month through his website, and he didn’t want to spend a bunch of time chasing sales. He needed to create a website that was a lead engine, effortlessly bringing quality leads straight to his inbox.
  2. His website didn’t reflect the stunning quality of his work or his brand as an architecture firm that caters to high-end residential buyers willing to pay a premium for unique homes.

Our challenge was to get a thorough understanding of the Winn Wittman Architecture (WWA) brand, then design a clean, visually stunning website that spoke directly to the needs and desires of his ideal customers.

More importantly, though, Winn’s website needed to seamlessly create leads through thoughtful website design, and provide Winn with the necessary information to convert those leads into high-quality clients.

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Our Strategy for Winn Wittman

Web Design to Effortlessly Generate Leads

We knew the WWA website needed to not only represent Winn as an award-winning, expert architect, but it had to build trust with his prospective clients. Our strategy used both his website’s content and structure to reach these goals.

Have you ever visited a website and thought, “It’s like they read my mind,” because the content addressed every worry you had and painted a picture of exactly what you wanted? For Winn’s website, we extensively researched his brand to discover his ideal client: a high-end, residential buyer with a unique vision for their home, who wanted to be deeply involved in the design process. We created tailored content that was irresistible to the exact type of client that Winn wanted to attract; after all, we didn’t want to just bring in any leads, we wanted to bring in high-quality, high-paying leads so that Winn could pick and choose the projects he wanted to work on.

Tailored content was key, but the strategically-placed value adds were our secret weapon to deliver leads straight to Winn’s inbox. We focused on quickly moving prospective customers from mildly interested to excited and surprised at what a personalized, collaborative experience they would have designing their dream home with Winn.

Our Approach for Winn Wittman

Enticing Leads on Every Page

Our goal was to create as many leads as possible. Calls-to-action on every page were essential; a user should never struggle to get more information. We mapped out in detail how users would naturally flow through the website to reach conversion points, and we created both macro and micro conversion goals to appeal to users in different stages of the sales funnel. For example, a brand-new website visitor might be guided to a press page showcasing the myriad architecture awards Winn has won to build credibility. But a visitor that’s gone deeper into the website might be steered to a value-add like a free-to-download checklist for residential home buyers.

Thoughtfully-placed value adds were the key to creating warm leads that Winn could easily convert to high-paying clients. We created checklists for both residential and commercial home buyers that people could download in exchange for sharing their email address. This way, we started building a positive relationship by providing the lead with helpful information, and in return Winn received an email address for personal follow-up. In addition, we crafted a vision blueprint tool that served two key purposes. First, it was a useful tool to help leads clarify their vision for their project. Second, it provided Winn with invaluable details about what this lead specifically wanted in their home or commercial building, increasing the chances that Winn would turn this lead into a client through personalized follow-up.

Explore the WWA website.

winn wittman

"I’ve built over 10 websites and had some terrible difficulties with some of them. In the past, I found developers who were good at the back end organization of the website but had no artistic vision or vice-versa. Ezra Digital has that rare combination of technical mastery and artistic sensibility. The whole process was mapped out from the beginning, and getting to the end result proved to be a very efficient use of my time. They understands all the functionalities that must be incorporated into a website today — including surveys and scheduling. I’m now hiring Ezra to take my website to the next level with a Facebook marketing campaign."

Win Wittman
CEO and Founder

Our Results for Winn Wittman

540% Increase in Leads Generated Online

The numbers speak for themselves. Previously, Winn was getting around 15 leads per year, and they weren’t necessarily the type of leads he wanted to get. After the redesign, in the first nine months alone Winn got 72 high-quality leads generated directly from the website (we’re not even counting the additional phone calls and direct emails). That’s a 540% increase in sales generated online.

What could be better than a 540% increase online sales? For Winn, it was having the freedom to pick and choose the projects he wanted to work on. He didn’t have to follow up on every lead; he could select the exact clients that he wanted to work with.

Let us help you achieve these kind of results through smart web design. Your website could be a well-oiled machine, sending high-paying clients straight to your inbox.

To learn more about generating organic leads, contact Ezra Digital today!

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