April 11, 2018

A Peek Into the Top Architecture Trends of 2018

Whether it’s a luxury estate or a colonial more suited for 19th century settlers, finding the right architectural plan to suit someone is key, but that couldmodern residential architecture take time. It begins by finding the right architect who can translate the vision of another and turn that dream into a reality. The benefits of finding the right architect will be plentiful if one can achieve the goal. There will be less revisions, and more attention paid to the important details like, of course, the latest architecture trends in 2018. And they are ever-changing, so if a person drawing up the plans take their eye off the ball for too long, they might just miss the newest wonders in architecture.

Architecture Trends 2018

Architecture trends in 2018, focus on unique things like modern residential architecture, eco-friendly designs and much more. Like any operating establishment in any industry, staying up to date with the latest trends is one of the basic approaches in attempting to keep pace with, or surpass competitors in all levels of business. The architecture industry is no different.

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Maintaining awareness of what’s hot and what’s not, is a surefire way to stay relevant in a very competitive industry. New homes and business are popping up all the time, which means new designs and new innovations need to high-step it along with each novel concept breaking ground.

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Modern Residential Architecture Trends 2018

architectural plans One of the popular architecture trends in 2018 that’s at the top of the priority list is ‘modern residential architecture’. The need to blend public areas with residential homes have grown in proportion with the ever-increasing populations of cities, and so now is the time to adapt a change that makes sense. This is one of the major challenges faced in the past, one that there were always extremely unforgiving lines drawn, or boundaries between private homes and industrial areas and office parks. But that’s about to change with more and more urban areas scaling back regulations, opening up the architecture-world to new and inventive possibilities. One, in particular, is to become one with nature.

Eco-friendly Architectural Plans

It probably comes to no surprise that the need to build eco-friendly structures is soaring. Some of the most recent innovations include adding gardens and green rooftops to residents and businesses alike, as well as indoor green parks and green walls. Winn Wittman Architecture and ikm inc. are among some of the leading architecture firms currently taking advantage of the architecture trends in 2018. Just the same, Flavin Architects also takes their architectural plans to the next level from their woodland retreats to their green mountain getaways.

More architecture trends in 2018 set to be incorporated are the implementation of timber and cross-laminated timber in constructs including high-rises and building construction. While grey was the color of choice in 2017, even in tropical areas around the world, the popular shade is about to give way to brighter colors as more and more companies move toward a “greener” earth, as well as creating outdoor living areas that include BBQs, kitchens, and patios.

Modern Residential Architecture & Millennials

Here’s a trend that’s not-so- much flying under the radar.

Millennial’s needs must be understood in terms of architectural plans and housing if an architecture firm wants to sustain itself in these times. This is aeco-frindly architecture architecture group of people who are interested less in conventional domestication, and more on a high-flying, off the beaten path lifestyles that favor things like travel and education more than anything. They’re also more inclined to cohabitate with friends or acquaintances rather than decide to share a household with a significant other with plans of starting a family. They’re also more apt to become their own bosses, as more and more gravitate to the freelance book currently expanding in the world today. These kinds of traits or behaviors need to be considered, so the need to build a home that can accommodate a living space as well as a work space is essential when designing an architectural plan to fit the millennial lifestyle.

Think technology. Homes wired to the ceiling with the latest updates in connectivity so they can conquer their next goal. If a company wants to tap into the millennial market, it should begin with contemporary, technologically sound projects in fast-developing urban areas.

The Rural Challenge

It’s not just about the big cities and surrounding urban communities that require the attention of a great architectural plan. Rural areas, though sparsely populated, are now the subject of increasing change to more contemporary ways of living. And it only makes sense when you consider the
accessibility of all the latest trends are now just a click away, thanks for the World Wide Web. Urban architecture trends in 2018 is slowly sweeping its way inward, toward the middle of the country. What does this mean for the future? Only time will tell.

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Believe it or not, bamboo, because it’s an essential material for architecture trends in 2018. In a world that’s in a constant battle with pollution, bamboo seems to be just what the doctor ordered, as it’s safe, natural, and stylish all the same.


According to Arch2o, “this will be the most prevalent trend of them all”. It’ll bring a more aesthetically pleasing, innovative and more striking look. The ARC Power Plant by Bjarke Ingels Group, Copenhagen, Denmark, is a prime example of such modernization. The facility that powers’ 60,000 homes with all of their clean-energy needs is complete with an aluminum siding that was put in “just for fun”.

Another great illustration is the Grand Egyptian Museum by Heneghan Peng Architects, Giza, Egypt. The building’s cost reached an astounding one billion dollars and is officially the worlds’ largest archeological museum. It features a triangular pattern and repeats itself throughout to
mirror the great pyramids which reside close by.

Our Conclusion on Architecture Trends in 2018

We can go on all day, but the truth of the matter is architecture trends change as often as the next line of spring clothing, but that’s OK; it’s perfectly fine to build a home for a person who is going to love it for the next two decades, that is, if you’re going to be the one living in it. A
architect or architecture firm, however, needs to think about change, from one design to the next, or they just might fall behind the architecture trends in 2018.

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