Winn Wittman Architecture

Website Redesign


Winn produces beautiful modern award winning contemporary homes in Texas and around the world, but you might not have known that based on his previous website. When Winn approached us, he had a very cluttered, jumbled, and difficult to read website lacking in any design hierarchy with very little imagery. The website was full of redundant pages and functionality with little consideration of space usage and aesthetics. It did not present a professional image to visitors who would be potentially be spending a lot of money on their custom homes or their commercial projects. The challenge here was to understand the Winn Wittman brand and to portray this through his beautiful work and his unique process in an attractive and modern way that matches his unique talent and flair.
winn wittman

Pre-Ezra Digital Website


winn wittman

A Website with Personality

We focused on making Winn the focal point of the website to encapsulate “America’s most rock-n-roll architect” personality and style. Throughout the website we used beautiful full width rich imagery and structured headlines to ensure the right brand image would be present. Our copy team developed punchy text content for the various services and background pages.
winn wittman

Lead Generation and Qualification

With clear calls to action throughout the site to direct users down the sales funnel, we ensured the site would generate leads for WWA. We then took the next step and designed a bespoke form which qualified the lead before they even got in touch with Winn, ensuring that their first conversation would deliver value and thereby increasing conversion rates.
winn wittman portfolio

Engaging and Dynamic Portfolio

We were lucky to get to work with such wonderful photography supplied by WWA to display their portfolio projects. To enable the projects to really shine, we used full width imagery wherever possible along with clean grid structures, ensuring the portfolio was easy to use and dropped the jaw of any website visitor.



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