Flynn Construction

Website Redesign


Flynn Construction is a fast growing construction management company with a national presence. Their old website made them appear as a slowly-dying firm with only a local presence, at best. Our challenge was to rethink their digital presence from the ground up, formulating their digital style (e.g. fonts, colors, brand rules), their content strategy, and  best way to show their varied project types.

One of the measures Flynn Construction separates themselves upon is excellent client service. To make it easier for their clients to stay updated on the progress of their project, we needed to create a custom Client Portal, where the Flynn team could quickly add text, PDF, and image based updates. Another key functional requirement was a subcontractor portal, through which the Flynn team could easily make known the projects they required additional partners on. As a national firm, they were running dozens of projects simultaneously and it was of the utmost importance they be able to bring on the right partners for each project. With our strategic and technical work cut out for us, we got to work.

web design

Pre-Ezra Digital Website


flynn portfolio

The Portfolio

With a national body of work across multiple industries, it was paramount that we include easy filtering/sorting options so that visitors could go directly to the projects more relevant to their needs. We also needed to ensure that any visitor to the site would leave with the impression that Flynn Construction was a highly experienced firm, so we used a masonry layout to add visual intrigue and better engage the visitor.
client portal

The Client Portal

With dozens of concurrent projects and teams, we had to ensure the client portal was as easy to update as possible. We accomplished this with a portal interface that the team can effortlessly update and which clients love to use, no matter what device they are on.



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