Dr. Vonda Wright

Website Redesign


Dr Vonda Wright is an orthopaedic surgeon by day and a multi hyphenate by night. She has written books, appeared on TV more than 200 times, a well respected academic researcher, she speaks at conferences regularly, all in all; an unstoppable force of nature. Her old website did not effectively communicate all of this; in terms of Dr Vonda Wright's personal brand, it just did not work. To add to this, the outdated design and back-end on top of the hundreds of pages made it difficult to update and for a woman as on the go and as active as Dr Vonda Wright this was simply not acceptable. A new website was needed.


To build on and communicate her personal brand, we ensured we presented her as she is; an expert across multiple disciplines. Another goal of hers is to increase her speaking opportunities and using various call to actions and design techniques we achieved this. Lastly, we needed to design the website in such a way that supported and increased in-bound traffic to her large library of content.


A huge website with hundreds of pages amplifying the complexity of the project, keeping the content fresh and interesting throughout and using a large diversity of design templates made this a fun and challenging project!

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Pre-Ezra Digital Website


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Building credibility

Straight from the get-go we made sure visitors instantly get a feeling of how credible, prolific and expert in many fields Dr. Vonda Wright is. Throughout the website a slick and modern design is used which instills confidence and trust within the visitor. Dr. Vonda Wright's many expertise, organizations she has helped, TV shows she's been on, and various books she has written are highlighted consistently and appropriately throughout the site, also.
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Growing email list

You will find numerous call to actions across the website encouraging visitors to subscribe to Dr. Vonda Wright's newsletter or/and get in touch with her either for questions or seeking her services for speaking opportunities. We also used an intelligent exit-intent technology in the form of pop-up boxes appearing prior to visitors exiting the site encouraging them to subscribe.
Dr vonda wright

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The amount of content the website had it was screaming out for SEO and SEO it got! The website has hundreds of pages and a big chunk of them are Dr. Vonda Wright's blogs which are a great way to grow her audience. We worked with Dr. Vonda Wright on content strategy and keyword optimization and this proved super effective in getting more targeted visitors to the website.



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