6 Easy Ways To Impress Clients With Your Firm’s Homepage [6 CASE STUDIES]

Your homepage is hugely important, because it’s one of the few pages of your website that nearly every visitor is going to see. Prospects, potential partners, local media, and everyone else will expect it to be clear, easy to navigate, ... Read more
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Save Time And Get More Customers With Email Automation

An automated email series is a no-brainer for any company that’s serious about saving time and creating a personalized experience for prospects and new email subscribers. Many companies, especially those that sell software, experience a huge drop (up to 60%) ... Read more
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How to Write a Portfolio Narrative That Outshines Your Competition

As you sit down to write a short description of the latest project that you’ll be featuring in your portfolio, take a moment to think about this opportunity. If a prospective client read your narrative, what information would you want ... Read more
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Email Marketing Is Not Dead – Why Welcome Emails Are A Big Opportunity You May Be Missing

Do people really open welcome emails? Aren’t they bombarded with so many emails these days that they only read a small portion of what they receive? People may be receiving a lot of emails, but they’re still reading a lot ... Read more
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6 Steps to an About Us Page That Converts Prospects to Customers

About Us pages are routinely some of the most highly visited pages of any business website. KoMarketing found that once on a company’s homepage, 52% of visitors want to see About Us information. As you write your About Us page, ... Read more
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Are You Losing Sales Without an Email Marketing Plan?

Content marketing is the savvy marketer’s best friend, and email marketing automation is a powerful tool that helps you nurture leads and onboard new clients. Anyone who has used the internet (and I’m assuming that means you, because you’re reading ... Read more
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Finding Stock Photos for Your Website

By Ezra Digital Team / December 3, 2016 / 0 Comments

Even if you have plenty of photos of your business, you might need stock photos to fill in the gaps. Sometimes stock photos work best as backgrounds, others demand to be put front and center on a homepage slider. Before … Read more

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How to Find Domain Names for Your New Business

By Ezra Digital Team / October 30, 2016 / 0 Comments

It can be incredibly frustrating to come up with the perfect name for your new business, only to find that the domain name you want is not available. The solution? NameMesh, the domain name generator. After you enter a word or … Read more

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